Making sense

Making Sense Out of the Disruptions – Top 7 Trends That HR Leaders Will Need to Address

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It's not about structure but capabilites

Good HR Isn’t Just Good HR Anymore

Disruptions Trends in technology, mobile, data and social media are
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Lit energy saving lightbulb amongst unlit incandescent bulbs

Man (or woman) Caught in the Middle

Just as your computer systems will not work without strong middleware software, the same
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Solving the 2 most important problems in hiring

Forget Time to Fill – It’s Time to Proficiency That Matters

Our continuing series on leveraging social
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Three Imperatives Impacting HR and the Digital Workplace

Top Three Imperatives Impacting The Digital Workplace and HR

The workplace is changing. The way we manage people is too. Here's why - Three major
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Guidance not governance in social collaboration - You can't control employees; you can only influence them

You can’t control employees only influence them where collaboration via social tools is the goal

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  • Change People Not Organizations
  • Is It Top-Down or Bottom-Up Approach?
  • Social Business Collaboration – Where to Start – Man/Woman in the Middle

Change People Not Organizations
Focus on people changing not organizations. Change can't be forced; the more

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Is It Top-Down or Bottom-Up Approach?
Actually it's a hybrid approach, as long as they meet in the middle. Change

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Should Employees Use Social Tools At Work?
Well, they probably are anyway on their personal devices. But is that bad?

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Where to Get Started on Your Social Business Journey
The process to get started on your social business transformation journey can

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